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Do you know how to fold hoodies in a way that your closet does not get crammed up? If you don’t know, then continue reading below. In this article we will be discussing a few techniques you can make use of to make the most out of your wardrobe space, especially if you have oversized hoodies that simply cannot seem to fit anywhere you can find space to put them. As always, if you find this article useful ensure to share it with others to help them out. We hope one or the other techniques comes in handy for when you might need options. To begin with:

  • Create a neat hoodie, flatten it out on a flat surface, then fold it in half lengthwise.
  • Use the seam as a guide and adjust the folds.
  • Fold the left and right sides into a rectangle shape, flattening it for symmetry.
  • Finally, neatly fold down the top part to meet the underarm part.
  • This is the most basic way if you are new to learning about how to fold hoodies.

How To Fold Hoodies: The Basic Preparation

If you are new to learning techniques for how to fold hoodies, then try your hand on these few:

  • To fold a hoodie, cut wrinkles with an iron or steamer.
  • Place the hoodie on a hard, flat surface to smooth the fabric.
  • Cross one arm to the center of the back, then fold the bottom half over the upper half.
  • Fold one outer border towards the center, then fold the body halfway to the top.
  • Stretch the hood over the folded rectangle, then wrap the rest of the hoodie around it.

Regardless of what size or material your hoodies are made of, these methods will make them compact. Moreover, you will be able to easily stuff a couple instead of just one within your closet. Additionally, these techniques will also come in handy when you are out of ideas about what to put inside your overnight bag or a bag you might be thinking of packing for your next trip. Furthermore, you may fold the hoodie’s sleeves into the hood to compactly enclose everything and ensure that nothing hangs outside. Furthermore, apart from that, you can look up DIY tutorials to perfect your go-to techniques, once you are familiar with how to fold hoodies

  • Fold the left side of the hoodie toward the center, making sure the left sleeve is folded back and down over the already folded left side.
  • Repeat the technique on the right side, ensuring that both sides fold tightly so that the hoodie’s body is not broader than the hood.
  • Next, fold the bottom part of the hood up about a third of the way.
  • Repeat the fold, ending near the hood’s beginning.
  • Then neatly tuck the folded part of the body inside the hood.

It may sound difficult when you do not know how to fold hoodie. But rest assured, since after trying your hand at these techniques a few times, you will get the hang of it.

Easiest Ways to Fold a Hoodie: Overcome Closet Chaos!

Hoodies, those comfortable companions, can easily become a closet monster if not folded correctly. Fear not, fellow organization fanatic! Here are three effortless ways to fold your sweatshirt like an expert. After practicing you can also teach others the correct ways, the dos and don’ts of how to fold hoodies. By following these folding techniques, you will not only keep your hoodies meticulously organized but also save valuable closet space. First, start by laying your hoodie flat with the front facing down. Next, fold the sleeves towards the center, creating a rectangular shape. Finally, fold the bottom hem up towards the hood, making sure all edges align. Remember to store your folded hoodies vertically to easily find and access them. With these tips in mind, you can proudly display your hoodie collection while keeping an orderly closet.

How To Fold Hoodies: The Top Methods

The Classic Fold:

  • Laying a hoodie flat: Place your hoodie face down on a clean surface.
  • Fold the sides inward by bringing each sleeve towards the center of the hoodie and aligning them with the middle.
  • Start folding from the bottom up: Commence with the bottom hem and fold the hoodie into thirds until you reach the hood.
  • (Optional): Fold the hood inwards or outwards, depending on your taste and available storage space.
  • Tuck and Go: Tuck the folded hood underneath, to have your oversized hoodie in a compact form.

Once you’re done following the above-mentioned steps, rest assured that your hoodies will be moved around with ease and ready to be packed.

Graphic Zip Up Hoodie

Space-Saving Roll:

  • Lay it flat: Like the standard fold, place your hoodie face down.
  • Fold the sides inward: As previously, fold each sleeve inward, meeting in the center.
  • Roll it up: Beginning from the bottom hem, tightly roll the hoodie upwards until you reach the hood.
  • Secure the roll: Tuck the hood within the roll to keep it compact. This strategy is ideal for limited storage or travel.

Why should you learn to fold a hoodie?

You will easily manage to pack up more stuff, even if you are short on space in your closet or suitcase. Decluttering and managing your closet will be an effortless task if things are placed where they’re supposed to be.

How To Fold Hoodies for Beginners

The Kon Mari fold:

1. Lay it flat (facing down): Place your hoodie on a flat surface, keeping the design or logo out of sight.

2. Fold the hoodie in thirds lengthwise. Fold the sides in to meet the middle section.

3. Fold the sleeves: Rather than folding them in half, fold them in thirds to form smaller rectangles.

4. Fold the bottom third up: Fold the bottom third of the hoodie upwards, towards the other thirds.


5. Fold the top third of the hoodie down to meet the bottom fold.

6. The magic touch: Stand the folded hoodie up. The hood should naturally fold down, resulting in a compact and visually appealing rectangle.

Select the folding method that best meets your needs and storage requirements. Experiment to decide which strategy provides you with the greatest delight and organization! Remember that constant practice makes perfect. Soon, you will be folding hoodies like a pro, leaving your closet clean and your mind at ease.

Watch Tutorials on How to Fold Hoodies

Watch tutorials on how to fold hoodies, to understand the basics, and practice for your ease of access. This will ensure that you learn the basics and improve your skills simultaneously. These videos offer different techniques and tips to make folding easier and more efficient. Practice regularly to develop your method and feel comfortable folding hoodies. With enough practice, folding will become easy and quick whenever you need it. Watch tutorials on folding hoodies to learn the basics and improve your skills. These videos offer different techniques and tips to make folding easier and more efficient. Practice regularly to develop your method and feel comfortable folding hoodies. With enough practice, folding will become easy and quick whenever you need it.

How To Fold Hoodies: Tips and Tricks

Make your closet roomier by learning how to fold hoodies correctly. Here are some handy tips that you must try out:

Free up space in your closet by mastering the art of folding hoodies correctly. Moreover, poorly folded hoodies can occupy a significant amount of space in your closet. To perfect space usage, begin by zipping up the hoodie and laying it flat on a tidy surface. Then, fold the sleeves inward towards the center, forming a rectangle. Lastly, fold the bottom of the hoodie upwards towards the top, resulting in a tidy and space-saving fold. By following these straightforward steps, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much more spacious your closet feels.

Folding A Cropped Hoodie

Folding a cropped hoodie will be easier, once you know how to fold hoodies. The cropped hoodie can be folded neatly and neatly by laying it down on a flat surface.

  • Fold the left and right arms into the body, creating an X shape.
  • Fold the bottom part up three times, tuck the body inside the hood, and tighten the fold with strings.
  • The best way to display the hoodie is by filing it or stacking it.
  • This easy and compact fold is perfect for saving space and keeping its neat appearance.


We hope this article helped you to understand how to fold hoodies. Whether it’s a cropped hoodie, oversized, or otherwise, practice until you think you get the gist of it. This will enable you to fit and organize things even in cramped spaces or compact with ease. Additionally, you must reserve a certain spot for your hoodies, making them easy to use, move around, and put back. Even if you have a small closet, you will be easily able to fit more hoodies in the same spot if you try one of the above-mentioned techniques within this article.

Practice it enough to fold your hoodie without needing to rewatch a tutorial of a missing step. Consequently, this will help you keep your closet organized. Additionally, it will assist you in decluttering or adding new items as wardrobe essentials. Whether you go for hikes or receive gifts from friends and family, these techniques will prove invaluable. Moreover, you can practice getting the hang of how to fold hoodies. Furthermore, do watch tutorials if you are one for perfecting techniques, or if you simply enjoy organizing things for fun. Lastly, if you liked this article, send it to your squad as well to help them learn from it too.

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